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Custom Platform for Insurance

Insurance solutions are increasingly becoming more accessible and functional to organisations around the world.


Our client is one of the leading insurance providers in Thailand with offices in Hong Kong, Macau, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam. The client’s insurance offerings include life, medical & general insurance products. The client serves around 1.2 million customers.

Client:  InsuranSol

Services:  Product Design

Industry:  Fintech



The data and overall functionality are synchronized across the global servers, so we had to ensure everything is working as it should. Multiple users are logging in at the same time globally, so multi-user support has been provided.

Our client envisaged launching a new experiential website that could be used for engaging site visitors by providing informative content based on their interests. Apart from allowing for easy addition of articles; news and event information, the new website required implementing a customer journey that involved enquiring about the user’s interest in insurance products and capturing of the demographic data to assess insurance needs. The user data captured on the website had to be sent over to the CRM application for further analysis and retargeting of customers.

The client wanted an in-depth insurance area customization option available for the users through the website, allowing them to choose the suitable one amongst others.



The client needed a way to deliver more relevant user experiences based on the user’s needs and location, while streamlining the web publishing process and removing the dependency on IT service requests. The team at Outsourceo studied the requirements and recognized that personalization capabilities would be critical for the client at the initial launch and into the future. The Sitecore Experience platform was used to develop the website as it provides the functionality needed to address key requirements including best-in-class visual design and IA, personalization of content delivery, user-friendly content and publishing.

The website was developed in two phases with the first phase involving integrating the custom responsive HTML designs and the second phase leveraged Sitecore personalization features to increase the relevance of content delivered based on browsing behavior. Publishing time-sensitive content was also made easier using Sitecore XP.

Scrum methodology was used while insurance sharing platform development. It focused on the client involvement, flexible planning, current estimate, risk mitigation in order to complete the project effectively and successfully.

At end of second phase, the client started to optimize the site for conversions and profile tracking. Macro and micro conversions were mapped forEngagement Value, to leverage Sitecore Path Analyzer to show which areas of the site needed focus and optimization. Content authors and supervisors used Sitecore Path Analyzer to identify drop-off points in the site to identify improvements in navigation and information architecture.


Throughout the process, Outsourceo has worked closely with the client’s Marketing and IT teams giving the best mix of consultative guidance and hands-on experience for implementing the website. A/B testing and Federated Experience Manager are currently in the planning stages to fine-tune the user experience moving forward.

Understanding why the platform is being created and what problems it will resolve is crucial to succeeding. Increased site visits with reduction in number of clicks required to find key services and product information.

Streamlined content authoring and publishing process allowing business users to publish their own content instead of relying on IT for content updates. Launched a robust experiential portal in 120 days, including the implementation of Sitecore, migration of content, and transition to a business user publishing environment.


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