First Back Office

Who are we?

Find the ally that helps bring you back to your core business - your primary task - the ally that optimises your earnings and enhances your image.

First Back Office is a virtual company that offers freelancers, SMEs and large companies the outsourcing of accounting/secretarial/online call centre and telemarketing services. It optimally ensures the professional activity defined by its clients, combining rigour, efficiency, diligence and technology.

A proactive staff

A team of experts committed to supporting you to work more effectively; accelerating your productivity for efficient business growth.

Why choose us?

A fully personalised protocol

We draw up a clear and precise protocol with you, based on all your needs and the type of service chosen.

Constant presence and extended hours

We are open every day from 6am to midnight for your call reception service and 8am to 6pm from Monday to Friday for the rest. After these hours, a personalised voice message informs the caller of our opening hours.

Highly competitive value for money

We offer you the highest European standard of service quality at the lowest cost thanks to our outsourced teams.

A fully personalised protocol

Nous élaborons un protocole clair et précis avec vous, sur l'ensemble de vos besoins d'après le type de service choisi

Constant presence and extended hours

Nous sommes ouverts tous les jours de 6h à 24h pour votre service de réception d'appels et 8h à 18h du lundi au vendredi pour le reste. Après ces heures, un message vocal personnalisé informe l'appelant des heures d'ouverture.

Highly competitive value for money

Nous vous proposons le standard optimal européen en qualité de service, pour un coût des plus bas grâce à nos équipes externalisées.

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We inspire proximity and confidence in the quality of our work