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Our services

Accounting services

- Accounting entry

Our customer service team will be happy to answer your questions by email or telephone. Please feel free to leave your phone number if you prefer to be called back.

- Cleaning up aged balance accounts

We reduce the risks and deficiencies in your payment reminders. We centralise and track your payment records for full tax deduction of your expenses. We improve the management and financial image of the company by providing expertise.

- Preparation of tax schedules

By preparing your tax appendix, we detail the accounting information not explained by your balance sheet and income statement in order to provide a true and fair view.

Secretarial services

Telephone support

We offer you a professional telephone helpline for 18 hours a day, a personalised service to take down your clients' details and a price that is much lower than that of a hired secretary.

Audio to text transcription

We transcribe everything that is heard into an audio file provided by the client, for text into scanned Word and Excel documents according to the client's preferences. We can also make corrections, changes or simply ignore sections that are requested.

Telemarketing service

Our telemarketing intervention focuses on After Sales Service (ASS). Your customers receive answers to their concerns in the shortest possible time. We carry out opinion surveys on request, with a view to improving your relationship. We maintain a personalised and private relationship with each client; we give value in each interaction and measure their satisfaction continuously.

We make it easy to access your customer service by phone, email or chat. We establish a climate of transparency and trust with your customers for the sake of your brand.

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Our list of services does not end there. We are flexible and adaptable to your specific needs.