First Back Office

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Established companies or start-ups! Are you looking for performance and optimisation at low cost? Do you want to gain operational flexibility, achieve results to international standards, have a permanent monitoring of quality standards, entrust your work to specialists whose core business is to control your costs and have a budget reduction logic?

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    Are you looking for a service that meets your standards, requirements and or personnel that specialise in your work?

    We take the time to understand your vision, your business objectives and provide you with a professional, practical, tailor-made solution.

    We are open 18 hours a day from 6am to midnight - 7 days a week


    Data entry Cleaning and monitoring of G/L accounts, customers and suppliers / Preparation of tax schedules


    Telephone assistance / audio to text transcription


    Satisfaction survey and prospecting campaign

    Broad expertise for a global solution

    First Back Office meets your quality and standards requirements regardless of the French-speaking country in the euro zone where you are located. Proven expertise in compliance and standardisation according to country codes and standards.

    A cost-effective offer

    By outsourcing our staff, FBO provides you with the highest quality results at a lower cost than the European standards. This means up to 60% savings for the same job in-house.